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Forgotten Biography

Shri Satish Misra

Satish MisraShri Satish Misra (b. 1st August 1957 – d. 20th June 2016) was a pen friendship enthusiast and book lover, freelancer for a Hindi newspaper and a philatelist. Satish Misra’s name need not require introduction to senior philatelist. He was a true philatelist, thorough gentleman, helping person and a genuine philatelic dealer and auctioneer. He used to publish illustrated postal auction catalogues with economically priced lots which helped several philatelists to develop their collections. He helped and guided many philatelists to build their collections. He used to visit small to large philatelic exhibitions held in India. He had a good philatelic exhibit on Cricket and had won awards for his collection.


Shri Satish Misra’s biography in his daughter Manali’s own words:

A man true to his words, A man known for his honesty,
A man who was jovial, A man who had unbounded serenity,
A man who never had a tinge of envy, A man too modest to boast of achievements,
A man unperturbed by problems, A man who was driven by optimism,
A man who could smile in pain, A man who could give courage to others in agony,
A man who fought against the odds in life but succumbed to the fatal blow of destiny in the end.

He grew up in Uttar Pradesh but his knowledge about the world had no barriers. He wasn't the one to follow the crowd and carved his own niche in a business few had even heard of in early 1980s. A pen friendship enthusiast and lover of books, he was briefly a freelancer for a Hindi newspaper. Though reading and writing Hindi novellas was his passion but these weren't enough to make two ends meet. He started with a government job then went on to establish a finance company but soon found his own calling. He built a business out of his hobby - philately. Once he entered the business, a man from a small town was known in the network of philately across the world. From handwritten catalogues to connecting over internet, he knew how to move ahead in business with time.

When resources were short, he never let his family bear the brunt of hardships. While we slept, he toiled. He propelled his sons to success, supported his daughter to follow her passion and made his wife strong enough to head the family in his absence.

He travelled across the country to expand his network until his health slowed him down in past few years. Suffering from end-stage liver disease, my father passed away after undergoing a liver transplant surgery in Mumbai.

He left us with a deep-rooted void but bountiful memories for our lifetime.

Born: Aug 01, 1957, U.P.
Died: June 20, 2016, Mumbai
Alive: Forever

Written by: Manali Misra, daughter of Satish Misra

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