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Forgotten Biography

Shri O. P. Bhatnagar

O. P. BhatnagarO. P. Bhatnagar had endeavour to spread the gospel of Philately in India, especially among the youth for which he world tirelessly toward this aim. A very prolific writer who has to his credit two monographs (i) Local Postal Service of Thikana Khetri, (ii) Local Postal Service of Thikana Sikar, and one research work in form of book titled “Jaipur Raj Postal Administration”. His authentic and analytic views on philately appeared compulsively and regularly in all national dailies. The late Jal Cooper, doyen of Indian Philately, recorded in Feb. 1972, in ‘India’s Stamp Journal’, ‘Mr. O. P. Bhatnagar is one of the greatest philatelic letter writers.’

Mr. Bhatnagar won 12 awards on his thematic collections, 4 in the regional, 4 in national and 4 in international exhibitions. He was invited by the Ministry of Communication to attend the seminar on philately in 1967, where his paper on ‘Promotion of Philately’ was very much appreciated. He was a member of Governing Council of the Philatelic Congress of India for three consecutive terms (1980 – 1984).

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