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Forgotten Biography

Shri Batuk Bhairo Shahi (B. B. Shahi)

B. B. ShahiBatuk Bhairo Shahi, popularly known as B. B. Shahi was an ardent expert of 1854 Lithographs of India. His knowledge on Post Marks, Stamps & Postal History of early British India was unparalleled. The living encyclopedia of 1854 Lithographs and hand struck postage stamps, left us, on 22nd April 2015 for his heavenly abode.

Shri Shahi was born on 29th January 1926 in Varanasi. He did his B.Sc from Banaras Hindu University, then M. A. in Psychology and finally L.L.B. His knowledge on printing techniques including engraving, printing plates, stamp paper and different inks used in printing was enormous. This printing knowledge made him Master of Forgeries. Shri Shahi used to preach how to detect forgeries, because modern electronic techniques have made forgeries easier. And marketing through internet has also become easy to dispose such forgeries.

But, he was remembered for his research and intense study of Lithographs, postmarks and postal route of pre stamp era. Stalwarts of 1854 Lithograph, used to invite him for his knowledge & experience for discussion on finer points of Indian Lithographs.

Shri Shahi remained simple and humble throughout his life and left an unforgettable mark on Indian Philately through his works. We Pradip Jain & Ashok Bayanwala pay homage to our beloved Late Shri B. B. Shahi.

Contributed by : Shri Pradip Jain, Patna; Shri Ashok Kumar Bayanwala, Ahmedabad

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