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Philavision - Philatelic Vision & Creativity

The words “vision” and “creativity” are used all the time: What do they really mean? Vision and creativity are concepts that are often used interchangeably in today’s world.

A vision for the future is vitally important for any kind of activity to establish a strategic horizon and Creativity may simply be defined as using the imagination in designing and actualizing the production.

In recent past vision and creativity of philatelists has invented a new sideline in Indian Philately. That is private commemorative covers. With easy accessibility of computers and colour printers one can create a commemorative covers at this pleasure and then post the same to make it more authentic and presentable. Many philatelists are making such covers for their joy and satisfaction and not for commercial gain, but some are manufacturing the same for some gain or profit. Still, this creativity gives joy and happiness to the creator and who get it. This sideline is getting momentum, as many philatelists are making their own covers by seeing covers made by other philatelists. Best thing with this sideline, is one can make such covers without permission from the Department of Posts, because one does not need a Special Cancellation, which is permitted only by the Department of Posts.

These covers have just one minus point, i.e. sometimes the date cancellations provided by the Department of Posts are not clear. And this makes the cover not presentable. Therefore, I make an appeal to Department of Posts, on behalf of all philatelists to provide clear date cancellations on philatelic mails.

‘Philavision’ section is devoted to philatelic creations by philatelists on various aspects of Indian Philately.

Private cover commemorating the centenary of Mahatma Gandhi’s first Ashram in India - "Kochrab Ashram".

The first ashram that Mahatma Gandhi set up after returning from South Africa, in India was housed at the bungalow of Jivanlal Desai, who was a barrister by profession and a friend of Mahatma Gandhi. This ashram was built at Kochrab, near Paldi, a modest village near Ahmedabad, on 25th May, in 1915. There were twenty five inmates at the ashram. The bungalow was gifted by Barrister Jivanlal Desai to Gandhiji. However, as Kochrab Ashram became infested with plague after two years, Gandhi had to relocate his ashram.

Private cover commemorating the centenary of Mahatma Gandhi’s first Ashram in India - "Kochrab Ashram"

25th May has already passed but the Postal department has failed to do any activity to celebrate 100 years of Satyagraha Ashram or Kocharab Ashram, the first Ashram of Gandhiji in India. It is a pity, that the centenary of Kocharab Ashram is not celebrated by the Postal Department. If the Postal department thinks to celebrate now, it can celebrate on 17th June 2015 when Sabarmati Ashram, second Ashram of Gandhiji will be completing 98 years on 17th June, 2015.

There is so much to see, so much to share. Keep on viewing.

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