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Philatelic issues related to Indian Personalities issued by Foreign Countries

Swami Krishnanandji

Swami Krishnanand Saraswati (Original name Bhavani Singh) (born Jodhpur 1900, died Mauritius 23 August 1992) was a spiritual leader. he was born into the royal family of Jodhpur, and after obtaining an MA and LLB at Benares Hindu University, he became district magistrate on the borders of Gujarat and Rajasthan. In 1937 his life was transformed. Initiated into the order of Saraswati and named after Krishna, during a long meditation in the Himalayas he formulated the two guiding principles of his life - dedication to God and service to humanity. For 10 years he collaborated with Mahatma Gandhi in spreading the Hindi language. He was active in some 70 countries with friends of all races and religions.

Sr. No.
Name of Countries
Issue Date / Year
Mauritius 13/08/1992 (Single)

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